Four Sticks


How lovely and highly appreciative I feel to be part of such a wonderful bond of four sticks. A unique bond it is and which will always be giving big thanks to our CREATOR. Taking out some time to reflect and write briefly on the memories of our bond in both joyful and saddening periods. As little as I was, I grew up under the protective care of my Stick like a lamb and a shepherd. Amidst all the misunderstanding we had and chaotic times the bond still exists. We always had the approvals and disapprovals of our lovely STICKS which in effect turned out to be their manner of disciplining us. Not being raised in a well to do but a contented stick made us aware of some of our privileges. But as for me growing up as a little stick, I was blinded by such conditions since I always got what I wanted and had an overwhelming protection from my Stick. This really had me secured and all I expected was to get what I asked for. Even though I did get most of it, as I grew up I realized my restrictions and limits. I vividly remember how my ‘wants’  were often spurned and my ‘needs’ graciously accepted by my lovely STICK. Later on, my STICK traveled for years and that marked the saddest period in my juvenile life. One could dread such feelings we had at the time for our only STICK. Even though we knew she would eventually return it was still a hard feeling. So my ambidextrous STICK as I would like to describe him had to play double roles for our upkeep. Hmm, interesting! He is indeed one of a kind and a special STICK. We call him DD for that reason which means DOUBLE DAD. We did get exceptional and motherly care from our kindhearted related sticks but it was only temporal and not forever. Time passed on and that unpleasant feeling was fading away. As for me, I remain a grateful stick.


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Hi! I'm a boy, sorry I meant to say a guy. I Like to laugh,music lover with a keen interest in sports; swimming and football as well as basketball just to name a few. I was born in the 20th century. Oops, hehe but i just like to create humour and thats about me.

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