The Bride


  • Groom: I just can’t wait to see her. I am so happy for this day.

But the Groom later finds out that there is a problem.

  • Groom: Oops I have a flat tyre and no network service on my phone. I need to stop a taxi.
  • Groom: Taxi Taxi Taxi
  • Groom: Oh no! I am late. Taxi driver please speed up. Chale this traffic in Accra is terrible.
  • Taxi driver: Master don’t instruct me, I am following road safety regulations.
  • Groom: I need to be at the ceremony.
  • Taxi driver: Which ceremony?
  • Groom: Chale I am actually getting married today.
  • Taxi driver: Gosh, what are you doing here?
  • Groom: Hmm long story. I had a flat tyre.
  • Taxi driver: That is inexcusable and flimsy.
  • Groom: It is the truth. Anyway how many minutes more?
  • Taxi driver: In fact two hours.
  • Groom: I am finished.
  • Taxi driver: Take it easy my brother.

Finally they arrive after three hours.

  • Audience: Sheesh!
  • Groom: I am sorry, I can explain.
  • Bride: Explain what?
  • Groom: Please forgive me.I had a flat tyre.
  • Audience: Hahaha (chuckling)
  • Bride: What? How can you? You are a disgrace and I am done with you.
  • Groom: Rammy, I am sorry.(Groom breaks into heartfelt tears )
  • Audience: Aww
  • Bride: Never will I.

Wow strong words and emotions from the Bride. So the Bride holds a hard heart against the Groom for coming late. Do you really think it is right for her to act that way? The Groom explains clearly what happened but she is still resentful. Well, I think she is just being Rammy.

Based on a parallel.


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