• Hear us out oh Jehovah 
  • We beg you to allow us to shout hallelujah 
  • As we cry out hosannah 
  • Praise be to you for giving us a messiah
  • Thru him, we glorify and sanctify your name
  • As we proclaim your name without defame
  • Kindly protect us from shame
  • Keep our tongues tamed and free from blame
  • Your wondrous works and creation are unfathomable 
  • In your very eyes, your vast angels are unmistakable  
  • The heavens themselves are unreachable 
  • Just as your throne is unshakeable
  • The times and seasons you have put in your own jurisdiction
  • So that you will easily undo the pangs of death with the resurrection
  • Until you grant the new heavens and new earth in our supplications 
  • We will wait patiently for the days of our salvation
  •  Indeed the earth itself cannot contain you 
  • But without you, our world will feel blue 
  • So we give all our tears to you
  • And give all thanks to you 
  • For faithfully seeing us through
  • Hurrah! Hurrah! 
  • From everlasting to everlasting  

By Tay Young Tsatsu

Published by


Hi! I'm a boy, sorry I meant to say a guy. I Like to laugh,music lover with a keen interest in sports; swimming and football as well as basketball just to name a few. I was born in the 20th century. Oops, hehe but i just like to create humour and thats about me.

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