17 Future


  • What more can I say to you, Dear Lord
  • My mouth is full of grateful words
  • Another year goes out again
  • And another year comes in again
  • But I will not forget you again
  • Kindly accept this script without disdain
  • I thank you for bringing me this far
  • I thank you for healing all my scars
  • I thank you for coating my bumpy roads with tar
  • I thank you for giving me more years
  • I thank you for wiping all my tears
  • It is a privilege to call you Jehovah
  • As you have turned deserts in my life to savannah
  • Rainy days will come
  • But a shelter you have promised to become
  • It is an honour to call you Adonai
  • Since your throne sheds agapai
  • Many stories of our lives are yet to unfold
  • But many prophecies you have already told
  • We write our past but you write our future
  • We are the sheep but you are our pasture
  • We are students but you are our teacher
  • As we exist by means of your power
  • We always look up to you as our Watchtower
  • As we say goodbye to the old days
  • We welcome your new days.

By Tay Young Tsatsu

Published by


Hi! I'm a boy, sorry I meant to say a guy. I Like to laugh,music lover with a keen interest in sports; swimming and football as well as basketball just to name a few. I was born in the 20th century. Oops, hehe but i just like to create humour and thats about me.

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