ow! we are one.

  • Ow! Ow! Ah!
  • I can’t imagine and believe 
  • How humans make humans grieve
  • And destroy calm and peace
  • With their lawlessness and violence
  • Then they claim their innocence
  • By making a defense for their pretense
  • Which they call instant justice and vengeance 
  • Afterward, they run to your altar and seek defense
  • Meanwhile, their guilt corrupts the holy incense
  • Just look around and see how they murder
  • Hear how they mob, lynch and shatter
  • Feel how they afflict and torture
  • See the passion they have for evil and fire 
  • Watch how they bloodbath and slaughter
  • They have made a sea of blood with kills
  • As the land cries out in shrill
  • They are making earth red and ill
  • Oh, Vengeance! Do come in your own time
  • And rescue the good on time
  • Vengeance is you, you will repay

* capitalized vengeance here is personified.

By Tay Young Tsatsu



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