Slow is not disgrace 


  • I agree that the fast do not always win the race
  • Neither do the quick keep up the pace
  • For our life is not a race
  • It is a life granted by grace
  • With time each one of us will efface
  • Our once lovely days will become a grimace
  • The once happy birthplace will be a sad place
  • It is a reality we should expect and embrace
  • It is a reality we cannot outrace
  • It is a life you are given just once
  • Don’t mishandle it even if it is misplaced
  • For your life is never a disgrace
  • Don’t underrate the snail’s pace
  • For it reaches its destination in peace
  • Don’t judge any by their face
  • But look beyond their surface
  • For life is not a disgrace but grace.

By Tay Young Tsatsu

Published by


Hi! I'm a boy, sorry I meant to say a guy. I Like to laugh,music lover with a keen interest in sports; swimming and football as well as basketball just to name a few. I was born in the 20th century. Oops, hehe but i just like to create humour and thats about me.

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