Strength in Numbers


  • If strength was a number
    Then age will be outnumbered
    For the rich will buy a lot and amass
    Giving the poor no chance to trespass
    Rightly so, strength is not a number.
  • Whatever you do, the rich man perishes
    Just as the poor man languishes.
    Whatever you do, the sun shines on all
    Just as the moon glooms on all.
    So why can’t all Mankind strength-establish
    Then the enemy will finally relinquish.
  • The obstinacy of buffaloes makes their might
    The loyalty of wolves makes their strength
    But the bed of snakes makes death
    And the royalty of lions makes a bloodbath
    In the end, not all groups make strength
    But unity is the pith of strength.
  • I’m not just rhyming for rhyme sake
    But laying out a message for us to take.
    Strength without unity is fake
    Just as Samson without hair quaked
    For Egypt without a Savior was plagued
  • How much more Mankind without the Messiah
    Even Hezekiah was nothing without Isaiah
    How much more Mankind without Manna
    In the end, all strength comes from Jah
    ”Hurrah.” ”Hurrah.”

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Hi! I'm a boy, sorry I meant to say a guy. I Like to laugh,music lover with a keen interest in sports; swimming and football as well as basketball just to name a few. I was born in the 20th century. Oops, hehe but i just like to create humour and thats about me.

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