Unfading Leaf 🍁


  • Times have gone
  • Now I stand alone
  • Still can’t let bygones be bygones
  • If I could, I’d make ur very clone
  • Then we can relive memories and atone.


  • You were my stepping stone
  • Now u are gone and I’m injury-prone.
  • Day by day, I tussle in undertone
  • Withered and shattered with no bone.
  • Never thought I’d make it to this zone
  • But I set sail and made it alone.
  • Who can I thank if not the ALMIGHTY ONE.



  • All along, I thought u were here
  • Apparently u are there.
  • Where is there ?
  • There is somewhere
  • A place far away from here.
  • I wish I could come there
  • But there are no guides anywhere
  • So I’ve chosen to stay elsewhere.



  • The Testaments say there is no life in there
  • The Holy writs say you’ve slept in there
  • The Book of Books say it’s all dust in there
  • And Earthlings have no right to interfere
  • It’s a sepulchre and a different sphere.



  • I’ll just have to fight my fears
  • And dry my gushing tears
  • And watch as my pain sears.
  • Well, I would ignore the jeers
  • Hoping that day draws near.


  • To me u are a special leaf
  • You took a fall for my relief.
  • In my marrowbone u still live
  • In my liver u are indelibly weaved
  • To my heart u are forever cleaved.


Remember, I love u.

Exclusively by Tay Young Tsatsu




Me: What’s that powerful light?


Me: …… [ falls asleep ]

Transfiguration: Glory! Glory!

The ’18 year has fallen in memory
And the ’19 days have begun
But the ’20 days are still unborn.
Have faith and fear neither Leprechauns nor vodun
For your victory has been sealed in armoury.

Stop being anxious over nothing
For your foes will end up gnashing.
The future times will be burdensome
But with my Spirit, you will overcome.

A foolhardy does not win a long race
For he loses his pace in disgrace
Do not rush off and crush
For life is not a showy race
Take it easy and move in grace
As your Almighty God, I will give you solace.

I will carry you in my bosom
I will raise you from the bottom
I will give you might and wisdom
I will grace you with my ransom
I will rescue you from evil and Sodom
I will crown your heart with shalom.
Just be wise, my son and enter my Kingdom.

Me: [ wakes up ]

Me: What just happened ???

Transfiguration: The Heavens have struck on your behalf.

Me: Gramercy ….

Written as an Allegory and fittingly as an inspiration.

By Tay Young Tsatsu


Chosen One


I’ve had crashes
I’ve come out with crutches.
I’ve fallen into ditches
I’ve come out with stitches.
With my wounds and sores,
I’ll trace your love patches.

Where are u Honey?
As I keep searching for you,
May Jah be my attorney
To guide my path to you
To approve our matrimony
To save me from feeling blue.

Now may not be the time
But shilly-shally is a thief of time.
As the days and nights chime,
I pray I make it to u in time
So we can yoke together on time
Way sooner than our senile time.

I long for u each day
I dream of u all day
I pray u are made of virgin clay
I pray we do not see gray
I pray we witness the last day
To see Death die and decay.

Will u glow like my mama?
Will u kiss like my papa?
Will u wow like my grandma?
Will u bliss like my grandpa?
Will u cuddle with me in nirvana?
If then, get ready to go bananas.

I might be a poor guy
But I’m not a bad guy
If anyone promises u the sky
Listen, that is a flat out lie.
Jah knows u are the apple of my eye
For he chose u to be my sweetie pie.

Many men will seek for your consent
But I know u will not accept nor assent
For our bonded love is no accident,
It was yoked in Heaven by our godparents
And made way stronger than cement
That is why I believe u are my Heaven sent.

And I love u even though I’ve never met u before.

By Tsatsu Tay Young


Gone before dawn 3


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  • Today is indeed the 3rd dawn
  • Your flames are now gone
  • And nothing can be done
  • Many things you have forgone
  • As u have left us all alone.


  • You have fallen asleep
  • And we have tried to plead
  • So that you’ll be freed
  • But you’ve gone too deep
  • And that’s why we weep
  • But soon you’ll be redeemed.


  • As I wrote this script
  • I stopped and wept
  • For I felt this contempt
  • That every earthly man shall corrupt
  • And it is a fact we should accept
  • For only the heavens are incorrupt.


  • Your presence keeps fading
  • But your memories are always lasting
  • Even the heavens ignored our groaning
  • Holding back until the day of reckoning
  • But we kept on supplicating and beseeching
  • Hoping there will be a day of answering.


  • The heavens can attest
  • That the earth has been unjust.
  • Though our tears have been sorest
  • We still have to adapt and adjust
  • Then pray we do not combust
  • As we all are mere dust.


  • You left behind a mantle
  • Which we will wear as a model.
  • We pray we do not shrivel
  • We pray we do not rebel
  • As we hope to enter the real Bethel.


  • We know our tears will soon dispel
  • When we meet u again with ‘El. *


  • For you are Gone to Return
  • And we love you in turn.


By Tsatsu Dzidzinyo Tay Young.

*El used here is a Hebrew rendition for GOD

Strength in Numbers


  • If strength was a number
    Then age will be outnumbered
    For the rich will buy a lot and amass
    Giving the poor no chance to trespass
    Rightly so, strength is not a number.
  • Whatever you do, the rich man perishes
    Just as the poor man languishes.
    Whatever you do, the sun shines on all
    Just as the moon glooms on all.
    So why can’t all Mankind strength-establish
    Then the enemy will finally relinquish.
  • The obstinacy of buffaloes makes their might
    The loyalty of wolves makes their strength
    But the bed of snakes makes death
    And the royalty of lions makes a bloodbath
    In the end, not all groups make strength
    But unity is the pith of strength.
  • I’m not just rhyming for rhyme sake
    But laying out a message for us to take.
    Strength without unity is fake
    Just as Samson without hair quaked
    For Egypt without a Savior was plagued
  • How much more Mankind without the Messiah
    Even Hezekiah was nothing without Isaiah
    How much more Mankind without Manna
    In the end, all strength comes from Jah
    ”Hurrah.” ”Hurrah.”

The Odyssey​


  • Time is timeless
    This journey feels endless
    I am tired of being hopeless
    For u left me shattered and heartless
    My days go on without u
    Just like my own dusky hue
    Thought I could continue without u
    But here I am stuck in between glue.


  • Time is ageless
    I can’t wait for it any longer
    I must be fearless
    As I travel to the ground to find u
    Walking thru shadows of grim
    To reach your place of abode
    The very place everyman eventually goes.


  • It is a journey I know nothing about
    No directional signs to guide me
    However, Ill still journey
    Albeit I have no support or attorney
    For I stand alone in this odyssey
    Without money and honey.


  • I’ve finally arrived here with a creed
    To steal u away from this realm and succeed
    Prophets prophesied and decreed
    That this realm is dead and under siege
    Life in our World is vanity indeed
    For all shall die and wither in pedigrees
    Just as Ecclesiastes guaranteed
    Each day I weep and bleed
    But there is a hope I’ll always hold sacred.I Love u, I Love u…….

Mama 🇬🇭

Welcome to Ghana
The land of our mama
We greet you Ohene & Ohema
For coming from afar
We give you aseda.

Come and see our beautiful people
Come and witness the great culture
Come taste our rich food
Come and experience the hospitality
Come and be Ghanaian.

For this day is an honor
A day which lauds our ancestors
For defeating our own oppressors
For freeing us from chains and captors
Amidst all the pain and dolor.

Hurrah! The slavery days are bygones
And we are now proud gemstones
Standing as Africa’s goldstone
Now we are proud to say sixty-one
For we did not achieve this alone.

Today is a day of freedom
A day of selfdom
A day of wisdom
A day in Africa’s bosom
A day Ghana blossoms.

Oh Grandma Africa
The time has come
For you to accept your daughter Ghana
And nurture her to her prime.

Akpe na mi
Oyi wala don
Na gode
Mahad Sanid