Life Of Nothing


I am nothing.

As a baby, I was born with nothing.

So what am I that should feel superior to other humans?

I am indeed nothing.

I had nothing but my mother’s love, my father’s protection, and shelter.

Man has dominated man to his injury; the fights, the wars, the murders, the kills, and the racial abuses, all lead to nothing.

Why? We all have the very same outcome under the sun, both the good and the bad, the clean and the unclean.

We all die even though there is a glorious hope which anchors and awaits us.

When we die we know nothing at all and we have nothing to give or offer.

So why then do we hurt ourselves?

As we all do not know our time let us clothe ourselves with love for it is a perfect bond of union.

By Tay Young Tsatsu

Story of my Imperfections.


The moment I was brought out from my mother’s womb, I cried and screamed. Why? Because I felt the pain we shared in her labour. The badness and imperfections I saw in this world as I came out caused my little heart to panic uncontrollably that I clenched my legs together as the doctor raised me up. The painful atmosphere of my delivery was as a result of my Imperfection. As I grew up, my Imperfections grew up.  All the fights, injuries, tears, sicknesses, insults, pain and losses grew up with me notwithstanding the positive moments.


The wrinkles we bear in our old age tell us how much our Imperfections have grown comparing it to our youthful days. The fact that we say ‘I am sorry’ to someone means we are imperfect because we erred. The fact that we still cry means we are Imperfect and the fact that we still muse means we are Imperfect. Time and unforeseen occurrences make up our imperfect world. Being at the right place at the wrong time and the wrong choices we make sometimes sum up our Imperfection. Let us not look down upon our fellow humans because we are all encircled by Imperfection. Let us look at the positive sides in us. Even though I gave my mother pain in her labour, she still smiled in her pain and saw the good in me and that was how she overcame her pain. ‘Mama knows best’ because she sees our Imperfections but still believes in our capabilities. What else can I say? I am undeserved.

Why did I have to ?


These thoughts do not want to leave me. They keep sinking in my mind and eating me up, but how long? The more I want to escape, the more I fall and cave in to it. A remembrancer and code that only I can understand and translate as 020216. It was a bitter sweet moment. I really want to run out from this moment. How long can I keep fighting myself within? Aargh it is really devastating to be in this state. I disillusioned myself by thinking that surrendering to it will bring me relief but unfortunately it brought heartache. I have realised that the deeper I go the more pain I draw out.

I gave out something precious freely but now I am buying back pain dearly. I am regretting because I feel cheated and I think it was not deserving. Oh, why did I have to? I will cry and cry like a newborn. Who said I can’t cry? Indeed I didn’t have to.

I wish I never did this. I am now getting to experience the pain. They say time heals but is it really true? If then, I will wait all the days of my compulsory time and then answer that question for myself. I will speak no more but wait till that time after which I will give my testimony.


The Bride


  • Groom: I just can’t wait to see her. I am so happy for this day.

But the Groom later finds out that there is a problem.

  • Groom: Oops I have a flat tyre and no network service on my phone. I need to stop a taxi.
  • Groom: Taxi Taxi Taxi
  • Groom: Oh no! I am late. Taxi driver please speed up. Chale this traffic in Accra is terrible.
  • Taxi driver: Master don’t instruct me, I am following road safety regulations.
  • Groom: I need to be at the ceremony.
  • Taxi driver: Which ceremony?
  • Groom: Chale I am actually getting married today.
  • Taxi driver: Gosh, what are you doing here?
  • Groom: Hmm long story. I had a flat tyre.
  • Taxi driver: That is inexcusable and flimsy.
  • Groom: It is the truth. Anyway how many minutes more?
  • Taxi driver: In fact two hours.
  • Groom: I am finished.
  • Taxi driver: Take it easy my brother.

Finally they arrive after three hours.

  • Audience: Sheesh!
  • Groom: I am sorry, I can explain.
  • Bride: Explain what?
  • Groom: Please forgive me.I had a flat tyre.
  • Audience: Hahaha (chuckling)
  • Bride: What? How can you? You are a disgrace and I am done with you.
  • Groom: Rammy, I am sorry.(Groom breaks into heartfelt tears )
  • Audience: Aww
  • Bride: Never will I.

Wow strong words and emotions from the Bride. So the Bride holds a hard heart against the Groom for coming late. Do you really think it is right for her to act that way? The Groom explains clearly what happened but she is still resentful. Well, I think she is just being Rammy.

Based on a parallel.

It was Hard.


I felt broken and struck. It was a phone call that caused it. The sounds from the phone that morning were saddening but I still wanted to hear more and be sure so I kept listening to my own disadvantage, though. Now I reached a point where the sounds got me hooked on the line. I hardly could believe it was me. I felt like staying on the call forever but it was impossible. I deeply despaired. Finally, the call ended and the words I was told were resounding in my mind as I shrivelled down to my spine.


Oh, how I wish I could wind,rewind and unwind time. But how could I?If only I was superhuman. Now I know that to travel back into time is impossible but to draw hope and comfort from OUR COMFORTER is possible. I now understand how time is timeless. Our memories clog up in my mind and heart and our thoughts hit me at idle moments. I will and cannot hold back from giving genuine thanks to the one that comforts us. He has caused to become what he desires for us. I cling to my hope when the time will be rewound.

3 Reals

3 Reals

3 Reals. Hmmm, the title says it all, but what are they?  Take a moment and guess. We live with them actually and they are part of us. A Real friend, Real love, Real life. Do we have them?  One will appear later in life for some people but one might also seem unattainable and the other might seem so easy to find. Surprisingly they have one thing in common. They are difficult to find. Let’s learn about the first one

Real Friend

What’s a real friend? Someone who brings the best in you. One who is always there for you even in turbulent times. They are like brothers to us. Such ones are real friends. The problem is they are hard to find. So how can you find them? Here are some tips on what to look for:

  1. Look on the inside, not the outside. Appearance is deceitful, so look inside for a friend who forgives, one who you can trust and one who doesn’t hold a grudge.
  2. Look outside your comfort zone and spread out. It is difficult but true. Don’t just settle for a clone of yourself, age mate or culture type. Branch out. Potential friends could have what you don’t have, they could be older, younger and of a different background or culture.
  3. Choose smart friends not just book smart but smart in life. They make us better persons in life.

Okay here is what to watch out for

  1. Watch out for toxic friends. Friends who take advantage of you, talk behind you and hold grudges are toxic. They care about themselves and what to get from you. They tear you down because of the way you talk, your looks, your status or even your beliefs. You deserve better than that.

How to do it

  1. Don’t limit yourself and don’t wait for others to approach you. Reach out and take the first step. Start a good conversation. Talk about something not just about yourself and desires but ask questions and listen. Listening is very essential in friendship.
  2. Take an interest in others not just about yourself. Show care and be nice even in tough times. Friendship is about that too.
  3. In addition, you have to be loyal. It is the core of friendship. Don’t be a cheat but show support and be trustworthy.
  4. Self-sacrifice is another foundation of friendship, so don’t always be on the receiving end. Give out some time, energy and resources.

We make a whole lot of friends in life so real friends might seem easy to find but they are not. Remember that one good friend is better than a hundred fake ones. Choose real friends.

Keep update on this blog for more.

Real Love

Oops did I say love or real love? I meant to say real love but what actually is love? Love could be a strong whole-souled and wholehearted affection for something or someone. How does it come about? Freely or forcefully? When it comes out freely then it is Real Love. Here are few tips about real love:

  1. Real Love is patient and kind allowing space for mistakes and readjusting for peace.
  2. Real Love does not brag or get puffed up. Actually, only puffer fishes get swollen and puffed up. Be meek and quit boasting. Don’t be like a puffer fish.
  3. Real Love does not look for its own interest. The selfish way of ‘me first me always’ attitude. Learn to sacrifice.
  4. Real Love does not get provoked. Harsh words, stern looks, and outbursts sometimes could be avoided. Be open minded, try to think about the consequence of your anger and the reason why such a situation happened.
  5. Real Love does not keep account of injury. Flush out painful and unpleasant memories and mistakes. It might be like starting on a new page. Erase and let them go.
  6. Finally, Real Love bears all things, hopes all things and endures all things. When calamity strikes, are you ready to stay on in the bond or run to a new one?  What if calamity strikes there too? Then you will keep running each time. Hope and endure all things together and you will find the greatest joy in it.

We have a broad spectrum of life so don’t just feel stuck up. Take your time and look intently around and find what really makes you happy. I’m out, see you soon and keep update on this page.

Four Sticks


How lovely and highly appreciative I feel to be part of such a wonderful bond of four sticks. A unique bond it is and which will always be giving big thanks to our CREATOR. Taking out some time to reflect and write briefly on the memories of our bond in both joyful and saddening periods. As little as I was, I grew up under the protective care of my Stick like a lamb and a shepherd. Amidst all the misunderstanding we had and chaotic times the bond still exists. We always had the approvals and disapprovals of our lovely STICKS which in effect turned out to be their manner of disciplining us. Not being raised in a well to do but a contented stick made us aware of some of our privileges. But as for me growing up as a little stick, I was blinded by such conditions since I always got what I wanted and had an overwhelming protection from my Stick. This really had me secured and all I expected was to get what I asked for. Even though I did get most of it, as I grew up I realized my restrictions and limits. I vividly remember how my ‘wants’  were often spurned and my ‘needs’ graciously accepted by my lovely STICK. Later on, my STICK traveled for years and that marked the saddest period in my juvenile life. One could dread such feelings we had at the time for our only STICK. Even though we knew she would eventually return it was still a hard feeling. So my ambidextrous STICK as I would like to describe him had to play double roles for our upkeep. Hmm, interesting! He is indeed one of a kind and a special STICK. We call him DD for that reason which means DOUBLE DAD. We did get exceptional and motherly care from our kindhearted related sticks but it was only temporal and not forever. Time passed on and that unpleasant feeling was fading away. As for me, I remain a grateful stick.