African Mama


Arise oh Mama
Sing and shout hosanna
For the time has come
For you to become
A wonderful and great mama and nation
Moving beyond generations.

Arise, you sons and daughters
From the timeless slumber
And press on as soldiers
To defeat mama’s corrupters and haters.

Oh, Mama, nine months is a milestone
One which cannot be achieved alone
But unitedly with your unborn gemstone.
So in one accord let us keep loving
Till the sun stops brightening.

Stand up Dear Papa
And rejoice with her in honor
For she is your wife and our mama
Don’t forsake her for another
For she deserves better.

Throw out her stealers 
And bring in her bailers
Forgive her sinners 
And destroy her killers

Take out her stainers
And bring in her cleansers
Clear out her tanglers 
And call for her untanglers

Yes she is our Mama
Yes she is our Africa 



                                                                                                                   By Tay Young Tsatsu.

Free Freedom 


  • Dear Wisdom,
  • You gave mankind freedom
  • So that he can praise your Kingdom
  • But rather he establishes Gomorrah and Sodom
  • Then he chooses rebeldom
  • Which ignites the day of his doom.
  • Oh dear Wisdom, free man from freedom
  • Since his freedom is leading him to doom.
  • Oh Mankind, run from freedom to Wisdom
  • Then see how his mercy blossoms.
  • As the appointed hour looms
  • Mankind’s freedom glooms
  • For he neglects the greatest ransom
  • And trails the serpent’s venom
  • Then he abandons the Word for his own custom.
  • Afterward, he claims to have seen visions and phantoms
  • When indeed the truth lies at the bottom.
  • Oh dear Wisdom, take charge of mankind’s freedom
  • Since his freedom is unfreedom and rebeldom.

By Tay Young Tsatsu

*wisdom here is personified. Related devices are used for serpent and venom.

*free is used in the heading as a verb, not an adjective.