Ghanaian Ceremony

Where are all the Ghana boys? I applaud you all. Indeed it was a great event but just that the ‘Ghana man time’ factor reared its ugly head. It happened on 5-March-2016. I was privileged to be present. Our great dance moves were not left out at all and the Ghanaian fashion thing was commendable. Here are some photos to bring positive memories


Just the two of us. They say the moustache was long present before the beard appeared and grew increasingly. My brother and I for the cam.


My Swedish and Finnish mates did not neglect the invitation either. Trust me, they are wonderful mates to hang around with.


Holla! I can see a great man in the photo. No word can describe him comfortingly but he is a Great man.


Oh you guessed right. He is a boss, not just an ordinary one but a big one. That is Mickey.


When I found myself between these two guys, I felt odd because I was lacking something. Hmn their sleek suits.


When my brother and I met the chief director, we couldn’t help but pose for a picture. Wow!


Now that’s Eyi. She looks innocent but she is guilty. Honestly I almost paid for taking this selfie with her.She was late because she had a flat tyre. Haha.


When I had to remind Christy to fulfill her promise, a selfie was the outcome 😂


When you watch too much Duck Dodgers on TV, you tend to duck for a selfie. That’s my fellow duck 😂😂. Oops I’m in trouble.


When the presenter tries to present some fun.

10553350_1039696736089400_2668920621476022056_n-2When three bosses meet, all they do is share same colours.


As the mouthpiece of the Duke of Edinburgh, Pious displays his Phd in Grammar.


For a second, I thought they were old men. Haha, impressive dance moves.


Mojo looks out to see if he will find someone to outclass his outfit.


Actually he deserves some real credit for keeping the event lively. DJ O’Frank too busy to be distracted.


Okay, I agree. They were proudly Ghanaian with the Kente style.


Kito and Jodel, these two guys on the right complete the Forbes list. It was a privilege to see them actually.


This was just how the two Londoners came to the event. Simple but Sure

Here is a look at some of our candid moments during the event:

I will say Kudos to all my Ghanaian pals. Ayekoooooo

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