How to Float

Can you float? Yes you can. Floating is about bloating. I am not just rhyming but being factual. It is surprising but true though. Try these steps together the next time you find yourself in a pool. How to do it


  1. Bloat your lungs. Our lungs are like balloons and balls, they are unsinkable in water when filled with air. Fill your lungs with air by breathing in and get ready.
  2. Find a balanced and horizontal position for flotation preferably on your back. Your back is flatter and more effective than your front.
  3. Now your head and your hip are needed for this action. They act like seesaws. If you drop one you raise the other and vice versa. So try pressing your head slightly backward against the water whilst lying. This action will lift your hip up to create a balance. Remember that you should be lying on the water to perform this action.

That is all about it. Take these steps to the pool the next time you go out swimming and enjoy. But wait, I cannot guarantee your success rate though. I’m out.

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